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General Info. 'Bout me!

My name is Ryan A. Crappa. I was Born in Clackamas Oregon. I lived in Oregon, Washington, and California before we moved to Prineville Oregon, where i lived for 9 years. We moved to Colorado when my dad got a job out here. I lived in Loveland for about 4 years, and then just recently moved out here to ft collins. I have played soccer since i was about 4, and have loved every min. of it. I like hanging out with my friends and listening to music when im not practicing soccer. I will be going to Fossil Ridge High School.

Fav. Sports Teams

Soccer: Colorado Rapids, Manchester United, Arsenal
Hockey: Colorado Avalanche
Lacrose: Colorado Mamoth

This is a Pic. of me taken by my little 6 year old sister karlie a few months ago, before we moved.