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Hey everyone, if i missed you just let me know so i can add you! (Curently Under Construction)

Samuel Emerson - We have got to put one of our many plans into action here, i mean some of them are just so good! We can't let them just go to waste. maybe we should start posting our plans online and see if anyone else thinks that they will work, or not. That night with bigfoot, wow that was some great times! ha ha. Or maybe that time with lauren and niki? Maybe One of those many nights/mornings.. 2am.. icea cream.. i dont know wich one was the best! 
Lauren Light - Hanging out all the time, its been great. So many good times. if its tetris at 1 or 2am.. to just hangin out with some friends, it has allways been great. thanks for allways bein there!
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