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Here You will find Explanations of the many every day mysteries

Fo' Shizzle...

now just what IS the Shizzle you may ask..? well we now know. It has been discoverd that the Shizlze you may here most teenagers talking about these days is REALLY the sound you tend to hear when cooking bacon.


When you hear todays teens say.. "oh, I will be home at 3:00-ish.. beware.. this suffix.. -Ish.. it gives the teen who used it free reign. -Ish can not only mean 2mins, 2 hours, but even as far as 2 days later or earlier then the stated time.

The Sugar Trail...

How many cups of sugar does it take to get to ryans house from the middle of no where?
  When someone asks you this, don't be too hasty to asnwer, it requires alot of thought. This is a a serious question full of variables and it means alot to many people. Don't just say like, "3 1/2 cups", because we are talking about a sugar trail to follow and honestly 3 1/2 cups? Come on. The trail has to be wide enough to be seen from a standing or a walking possition. So now you would guess 1000 cups, but still you would be wrong. Not only is it a trail, but do you actually think that one could make it from the middle of nowhere to ryans house on ones own energy. The sugar trail has to be tall enough that when one runs out of energy, one can crawl and get some sugar on its tongue. Instant energy! Giveing many more miles of travel. Now we are talking hundreds of thousands of cups. So, the next time that one asks you ,"How many cups of sugar does it take to get to ryans house from the middle of no where?", You can give them a better edjucated guess. Now some of the rules for applying a sugar trail: The sugar must be the all natural stuff for ones own health reasons. A bright extravagant color must be added to the sugar as to be seen on any surface, so that one doesn't get lost or confused. Now you should feel a little bit more relaxed that you can answer this intreiging question with a well edjucated guess. And If the time comes you may assist in the making of ones sugar trail. I hope that this has been a beneficial segment for all who read it.
Or you can just give one a ride to Ryans house and call it good. This would be the clear and undeniably better choice, for one and all who are involved.

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