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here is where i will add any new quotes, or sayings that my friends may give me. make sure to turn on your sound.


Here is an AMAZING new quote,  right from you very own.. Niki Bankhead!

"if the pickle jar is empty, go the store and get some more because it's worth it, no matter how far away the store is."
   How.. Inspierd.. :p  Who would have thought.. our very own niki bankhead.. the next great philosopher of our day.

"Holy Oh My Gosh Cow!!"

   Just What more can you say...?

Kdog Snob: To take over the world, im gonna need a toothpick, a poodle, and a can of tuna... don's ask me why, I'm playing it by ear

   Don't ask, this IS kelli talking...

BoBunkMan: You are in a cold house in the winter. It is dark. You have one match. There is a candle and there is a wood burning stove. Which do you light first?

s0ccerKicksGrass: i don't know wich one?

BoBunkMan: the match

 i would have never guessd.......

Friends Profiles: (Don't Worry.. the rest of you will be added shortly)

Name: Lauren Light Aka  Roozer
Location: Loveland
Mad Skills: picking up guys outta state. Bringing The fun, . Able to come up with witty comebacks to almost anything in 5 seconds or less. Hoseback Riding. AND.. her #1 MAd SKill is ....  and i quote.. "ALot of talk"  ( but that isnt meant in  a bad way.. see she is allways the one who can make  one of those quiet akward moments livable) :p
Bf/Gf: None
Fav. Color: Lime Green, and Blue
Phone #:.. Why don't you ask her..

luezer 101: you can NOT frolick with clothes on, thats just not right, frolicking is a nudists activity


Name: Samuel Emerson
Location: Sadly enough.. Prineville Oregon
Mad Skills: Thinking up Extensive plans on how to escape that pit formaly knows a prineviell. Getting things off of the top shelf.. or any other high place for that matter. He is pretty skilled in the eating department usualy, unless it comes to the 7 up...
Bf/Gf: Girlfriend.. Kelli.. (another of the prinevelites)
Fav. Color: Green, and pink.
Phone #: well, considering the fact that most people reading this will be from colorado.. i dont think that anyone would care for his #.. since it would be way way way way long  distance to call him.. (i still dont care how long it is  though samuel! :p)
BoBunkMan: anyone going to colorado cause I need a ride

Samuel and Kelli... Aww, arn't they cute? jm lol

Name: Niki Bankhead
Location: Loveland Colorado
Mad Skills:painting, drawing, making people laugh, sports, being outgoing, piano, drums
Bf/Gf: No
Fav. Color: red
Phone #: Hmm.. i dont think so.


"The secret to success is sincerity. Once you can fake that, you've got it made."
- Jean Giradoux

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