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Just some interesting thoughts From my closest Friends (under Construction)

Prineville, A new begining? I think not.
     Many people think that prineville is a wonderful place to live. They think that being that we are in a fricking hole that we are naturally sheltered from the bad that is in the world. They think that the mountains that surround us are ment to protect us. Many people don't realize that they don't protect us, its more of a sink hole. Everything bad that is around the world flows over the surface and when it comes to a large hole it makes a rather large accumulation or pool of everything bad. This is why the people here are very delussional. We beleive stuff that no other group of people would even comprehend. We have our own ways to deal with the bad stuff or pollution and natural gasses. Some people move out of Prineville. If you ask me thats the best choice. Some people invite friends to live there so they aren't the only stupid ones. many people just behave rather weird but in prineville we think nothing of it. We do have a form of government and its called Les Schwab Tires. They also help contribute to the natural accumulation of gasses in prineville. Another thing that many people don't understand is that if we had a huge flood prineville would be the first to go and it wouldn't come back. It would be called Prineville lake not Prineville town. So for all of you people that think you wanna move DOWN here, just don't its safer that you don't. Prineville is a health hazzard and everyone is on their way out. I hope this has enlightened you a little in the ways of the world.

You know you are in prineville when..................
When a rabbit bbq and home made pop is a casual dinner. Some fine cooking!
When you are encouraged to barter at the local stores. Why not?
When 10 bucks and a case of beer will get you anything. Sounds good to me.
When the reason you go to a family reunion is to pick up chicks. Why not go for someone you already know?
When you go to funerals thinking that you are gonna be fed. How would they know, you don't know the deceased?
When a funeral consists of a nice keg party in memory of the deceased. They would have wanted it this way.
When a party is a gathering of 5 or more people in one area. We got a rave going on down here.
When you feel like you are in a giant hole. Well you are, so get use to it.
When the family trees don't branch. Eh, oh well.
When you come back from the dump with more than you brought. Free stuff baby!
When a used tooth brush is thought to have experience. It's better than new.
When the fair is the biggest thing to hit the town all year.
When you are in some kind of animal 4-h, or you arn't allowed in the "cool group" at school.
When Cow tiping is considered a major sporting event.