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Oxymorons, (contradictory Words)
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here is a list of a few oxymorons...  (starting with the A's) (Under Construction)

A Fine Mess
A just war
A little big
a little pregnant
A new classic
absolutely unsure
abundant poverty
academic fraternity
Academic sorority
Accidentally on Purpose
accurate estimate
accurate horoscope
accurate rumors
accurate stereotype
acrophobic mountain climber
Act Naturally
active retirement
actual reenactment
acute apathy
acute dullness
adult children
Adult male
advanced BASIC
advanced beginner
Affirmative action
affordable housing
aging yuppie
agree to disagree
Airline Food
airline schedules
all alone
All natural artificial flavor
alltogether separate
alone in a crowd
almost candid
Almost done
almost exactly
almost pregnant
Almost Ready
almost safe
almost suddenly
almost surprised
almost totally
alone together
amateur expert
American culture
American education
American English
amicable divorce
among the first
Amtrak schedule
Anarchy Rules!
anonymous colleague
anticipated serendipity
anticipating the unanticipated
Anti-Missile Missile
anxious patient
apathetic interest
apathetically urged
Apple tech support
approximate solution
approximately equal
arms limitation
army intelligence
arrogant humility
Artificial Grass
artificial intelligence
assistant supervisor
astronomically small
athletic scholarship
Aunt Jemima Light
Auto Pilot
authentic replica
authentic reproduction
authoritarian anarchy
awfully good
awfully nice
Awfully pretty

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