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yes, hello and welcome to my page. I am going to be collecting, and adding many things, quotes.. sayings.. or just any thing else people want me to post. so just let me know if you have anything for me, thanks alot. (be sure you check the updates at the bottom of the page)

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s0ccerKicksGrass: You know whats wierd?
Kdog Snob: what
s0ccerKicksGrass: its Thursday for me... yet Wed. for you...
Kdog Snob: lol
Kdog Snob: yep


What's New?

Please get in touch with any comments or reactions to my site. I have recently added both the My Explanations, and 'Ryan Logic' Pages. they will be in development for the next few days. I am working on finishing up some of the pages for hte next few days.